Soulful Artist3/27/2020 3:07pm

The Heart of the Matter

In modern society the topic of the compassionate heart is often overlooked as a philosophical construct or an idealistic notion. Within current societal standards the idea that the heart can affect others on a large scale is easily looked over. But what if thriving as a species lies within the teaching of heart-based compassion and individuality is our answer to fear?

The heart is not only an organ but a vital piece of the human experience. Whilst academia has no doubt made its mark on the world since Aristotle, within many of our institutions or thoughts of the leaders of our world, not making a conscious choice to explore the nature of the heart as a factor to the whole of humanity is a mistake based in fear and gross self-interest.

The ability to have a vast array of authentic experiences processed in the heart space and shared with others is an intelligence of its own. If we want to create a future that not only works for us, but thrives on all levels, the pursuits of the mind are not the only seeds that need watering.

The ability to have a vast array of authentic experiences processed in the heart space and shared with others is an intelligence of its own.

Taking the time to hone our experiences on a singular level through inner work on the heart space is a very powerful technique. Simply taking even five minutes out of a hectic day to focus on how we feel in this space will lead to a chain reaction of emotional maturity. This has a ripple effect in how we treat others by activating self-compassion. It’s a truly fascinating idea that through our inner world we can have an effect on the outer. Creation starts here.

Some might argue with this idea as sentimental jargon in the face of modern science and technology. We live in a fast-paced society with many incredible discoveries being made daily. Life is a lot easier for most of us and stressful affairs should be easier to manage within the psychological fields. There should be more time for people to explore their inner worlds — yet most don’t.

These discoveries make our lives easier and give us a chance to break away from the norm. Without the greater minds that have formed our standard today, we wouldn’t have the ability to achieve health or wellness to such degrees. It is a fact that our minds have made many systems or modes to live from that are easy to follow and relax with. But have we become too comfortable?

Yet if we look closely at how Western society takes care of our basic human rights, it’s easy to see that a vital piece of the core system isn’t working despite the advances that make life easier. As we constantly bicker with one another and cause violence through social politics, morality, and division; we put ourselves into the same cycles of warring within tribal ideals.

History repeats itself as we separate ourselves from one another even further. We progress slower with in-fighting instead of benefiting the whole through our differences. Logic, rationality, science and reason are important to making choices for civilization; but better decisions could be made if we begin to put importance on strengthening the individual’s heartfelt experiences in tandem with the mind.

By creating a space in our world for others to heal, grow, and truly find their personal inner strengths, the door opens to the heart of compassion for all. The individual holds more power within to create change than we give it credit for, but only if we allow the human heart to be a part of our experience and lead the mind with it.

Through heart-based exploration societal standards of how we treat one another can be shifted to truly match what humanity desires — connection instead of separation, fear and violence.

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