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You Have All The Tools You Need

As artists sometimes we can look too far outside of ourselves to find the right tools to create with. While there's a vast amount of tools, sometimes having too many can hinder your process.

This has been a failing of mine in the past. I can't speak for all artists or creatives out there, but how many times have you tried something to only discover that what you were originally doing was better than the new methodology? 

It's sometimes a struggle between the roots of where the creativity originated and the need to grow by trying something completely brand new.  If it comes down to my own personality, I'm the messy creator that jumps from one thing to the other. Trying to pin down my process in an orderly fashion is like looking for the answer to meaning itself. 

  1. I don't follow the rules
  2.  I don't follow the rules for long if I'm not really getting an equal amount  of give and take.
  3.  I don't like others to control me but guidance is another. (That can be revoked, including access to me.)
  4.  Sometimes I have to put rules on myself and stick to them consciously.
  5. Wait, what rules?

Rinse. Repeat. You get the picture. (I'm working on it, I swear!)

It's been said that trying to tame my nature is impossible once it's been let loose. Walking in the other direction is easy once I've reached a certain plateau or I've been taken for granted.

Self-defeating? Perhaps. But it's within this nature I burn and then realize that the purpose got lost in the flames faster than I could throw a bucket of water at.

Being able to capture that true essence of your creative self through the experiences you've had doesn't require much. I would never suggest that a person shouldn't explore new avenues, that's how you learn of course-- but I would definitely suggest sometimes starting with a refresher with any past tools you may have thrown to the wayside- it might surprise you. 

Sometimes it takes going back to an old sketch and re-working it with all you've gained to see how much you've actually learned or simply picking up a crayon to let loose in a coloring book.

Then celebrate that you've actually found yourself not needing crayons any longer! Congratulations! You've grown creatively!

Ultimately it's about what fulfills you're creative needs. We're always learning. 

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